Let me level with you...

Land leveling is harder and more time consuming than you might think, especially with our little root situation. Lots of digging, shoveling, wheel barreling, raking, and stomping, but I know it will be worth it. Grass seed and bender board will be purchased tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to seed the entire front yard over the weekend. My dad spent a solid 6 hours working on the electrical components for the timing system today. Hopefully he'll be able to finish it tomorrow. One thing he did finish for us today was the installation of a garage door opener button. Up until now if you walked into the garage you had to bring the wireless garage door remote with you...very inconvenient. Oh, and now I have a blister...I hate blisters.

the tools

the leveling

the wires

the dog


Jill said...

I'm so impressed by how much you guys have gotten done! I can't say we're disappointed we live in Fresno right now. Something tells me we might have been recruited. :) At least you are getting a much deserved trip to the beach next week!

And a late Happy Anniversary!

Katie said...

Thanks for the well wishes, and don't worry, we've kept our labor recruitment to a minimum, really only my dad, so if you want to come to Shafter soon, we won't put you to work...I promise ;)