Sister trip to the Alameda Flea Market...

...it's true. I just had to go back, and who better to take the trip with than my lovely sister? We had a great day. John took me to the train station to catch the 5:22am train to Fresno. I arrived at 6:46 and we headed north from there. We arrived at the grounds at 9:45 and stayed until 3:00 (when it closed). From there we drove 6.2 miles north and visited our favorite blue & yellow swedish home store: Ikea. We did all of this and still made it back to Fresno by 8:30pm. John's directions were flawless and helped us achieve our swift travel times. Here is our day in pictures, which of course includes lots of our favorite finds...

We took the Matrix...very roomy on the way there, but packed to the gills on the way home. We wouldn't have it any other way.

We really want to take a bunch of these old keys and glue them to a piece of wood and create a key hook of sorts. We didn't buy any on this trip though.

Denise's first 2 purchases.

Denise loved these wooden crates...she came home with 2.

This medicine cabinet mirror looks almost identical to the one in Denise's bathroom.

I still love these pillows

I chased this cart down to snap this picture...Denise loved that postal box piece

Loved this table...

I love these, but have now clue what I'd do with them if I bought them.

Anyone ever been to C.C. Brown's ice cream parlor on California Ave? This table set reminded me the ones they have there. (on a side note: John was convinced, up until a year ago, that C.C. Brown's was called "The Bear Place" because that's what his family called it when he was younger. We argued about the name for quite a while, and when we finally drove by, it was discovered that I was indeed correct, he has yet to live that one down :)

Very clever this potting bench was...the creator took an old window and used it as a backsplash of sorts. We loved it!

Denise bought this suitcase at the very beginning of our morning and got a great deal on it...$3! It was marked down for a reason though, this suitcase had no handle. Not a big deal, unless you have to carry it around for 5 hours! Denise was plenty happy to put it down when we finally got back to the car.
Loved this old door turned hall tree. I have the old front door from my Great Grandma's house, and kind of like the idea of using it like this. We'll see.

By the end of the day Denise & I required the use of a cart.
Oh Alameda, how we love you!
I'll post later about my purchases. Denise has to bring my big purchase to me on Wednesday, as it would not have made it home with me on the train. I can't wait!


Toni said...

Great finds! I love all the vintage dressers.

Jenny said...

I stopped by Denise's yesterday and got to see your big purchase. Very exciting.

gene said...

wonderful pictures