Window Hanging...

We finally got around to hanging my old windows today. We used 2 glass drawer knobs to hang them and the look is exactly what I was hoping for. The knobs were an easy installation as we simply screwed them into toggle bolts with our hands rather than using a screwdriver & ordinary screws. I'm pleased with the outcome.

Knob #1 of 2

Ugh...the knobs I bought at anthropologie caused us a bit of a headache. The glass on one of them pulled away from the metal so we had to re-glue it while it was on the wall. Thus John's stance & annoyed look.

Window #1...finished

And here is where our story takes a decidedly frustrating & rather embarrassing turn. If you look at the right hand side of the picture you'll notice a pocket door, you know, the kind that slide into the wall. Well, we neglected to notice this before we started our installation process, so, once we had everything hung, and saw that it was good, John went to shut the door to use the bathroom, and guess what...it didn't move. We had screwed our knobs directly into the door! Brilliant. Not ones to be easily discouraged, we made an emergency trip to Floyd's and bought a hacksaw and cut off about a half inch from each screw. We re-installed them, and both held our breath as we went to shut the door. Thankfully we had solved our problem, the door shut.

the knob removal process...very frustrating

The 2nd finished window...after the emergency screw reduction surgery

The finished product. I plan to eventually put pictures in the windows, but I don't have anything I really want to frame right now, so I'll wait on that.

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CeCe said...

It looks GREAT Katie. I am dieing laughing about the whole screw-in-the-door bit. We were hanging family pictures on a living room hall last fall. Of course it is a last minute rush because I was having a baby shower at my place and it just HAD to look perfect. I kept hearing this metal-sounding TINK TINK TINK as mark was nailing in the nails... turns out the wall that is between our front bathroom and living room is MIGHTY MIGHT THIN and we had nailed through the medicine cabinet on the other side! Sheesh. We had our own little run to the store for some smaller nails. You know us women, once we get an idea for a project we cannot rest until it is done!