1. John found this blog, via his cousin David. It is hilarious and worth a great deal of archive exploration. Check out the fan favorites on the right side of the blog, you will not be disappointed.

2. We went to Pismo this weekend with John's family. I didn't take any pictures, but maybe I can snag a few from the Wiebe camera later this week. We'll see.

3. Our grass is still sprouting. I'll give you a pictorial update tomorrow.

4. I'm almost finished with a denim skirt I worked on in my Strawberry Patches class. Pictures will be posted upon completion.

This was just too funny not to post. Enjoy:

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Toni said...

I LOVE cake wrecks! We discovered it at work about a month ago, and it is a daily read. We celebrated Peter's grandma's birthday last night and the "before" cake (they scraped off and recovered it for the party, thus a presentable "after" cake) is definitely cake wreck worthy. I am hoping Annie submits a picture!