The Crib...

This is it. It meets all three of my crib hunting criteria: fairly inexpensive, fairly compact, and vintage-y.

It will be the only piece of furniture that we buy for the baby's room. We plan to have Bob & Sharon's old "brown chair" reupolstered, are using the old kitchen cabinets that John is working on as a changing table, and then will use an old yard sale dresser that I repainted (with Mark Wiens' help) for John after he graduated from college. While this furniture may not last us forever, it will allow me time to gain a better sense of how I would like to organize kid stuff in the future. I don't really like to rush into furniture purchases, so this arrangement suits me just fine.
Don't expect this purchase anytime soon though...I still have plenty left to do before I'm ready for it.
1. Just as Christie noted in her comment, I too slept in this exact crib. Just another reason why I love it.
2. I'm debating between the white & dark brown color. All of the other furniture in the room is white at this point, which sways me that way. However, is white too girly if we were to have a boy? I'm still debating.
3. We are not finding out the gender of the baby...which means the above debate must be resolved mentally & without gender confirmation.


CeCe said...

oh, Katie I LOVE IT! (hmmmm maybe because I have the exact same crib in antiqued black in our nursery!?). I love the classic look, the vintage feel... and perhaps the fact that I slept in the exact same crib as a baby myself?!

Love the crib, love the fabric, and can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the room!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if you are having a girl or a boy?

Toni said...

so very cute!