Project: Raised Bed Construction...

Last Saturday was a day full of promise and possibility. I woke up excited, John...not so much. He's a good husband though, so he indulged me with his efforts. I started out the day feeling nervous that the rain would hinder us from completing our project, but then began to feel a bit convicted about my selfishness. I mean, we are in desperate need of rain! My raised beds could wait, but water was a necessity. So after I knocked some sense into myself, the heavy conviction faded & the project began.

In the beginning was the wood...

My dad raised up the arch with a frame he welded for me. This arch was made by my dad for Denise's wedding, and then borrowed by Jill for hers. So, it's a bit of a sentimental piece to say the least.

The supervisory board

My dad likes to say that John now has a "PHD" (post hold digger) HaHa.

The layout

Love these post caps. Totally my dad's idea.

The four bricks serve as our alignment markers. We will soon be reusing the old pavers from our original patio (read: free) and will be planting elfin thyme inbetween each paver to try and enhance the look of it all. It's all a big gamble really, it could totally flop, but hey, at least the pavers are free :)

Admiring his handiwork

He's good to me.

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Toni said...

Look great! What are you planning on planting?