My mom, Denise, & I went to Woolworth's today. Not because it was Black Friday, but because we like to pop in there every once in awhile to check out their wares. Lots of good stuff, as usual. (You'll notice that a thread of G. Sue weaved its way through our browsing...she was as enamored with old stuff as Denise & I are...).

G. Sue had a Chinese Checkers board kind of like this one.

Cute...but not for $48

Loved this old sheet...and for only $8, it would have been a steal. I was imagining chopping it into 1/4ths & using it as drapes...but alas, I do not need anymore drapes, so I left without it.

My mom said G. Sue had a chandelier just like this one in her bedroom...I knew there was a reason to love it.

Glasses like these were everywhere at G.Sue's house...Denise & I recalled fondly our memories of selecting our very favorite class to hold our morning juice while visiting her.

This color green is lovely.

So cute as a vase...and only $5. I'm not allowed to buy things like this though (self-imposed)...no storage space.

Oh how I love these colored glass jars. And this green color only enhanced their value in my eyes. Maybe someday.
I left empty-handed, but Denise purchased an old suitcase and tablecloth. Both fantastic. We're already plotting another trip to Alameda before the baby comes. Maybe in February. I'm afraid I won't be able to go back for awhile, so we have to take advantage while we can.

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Toni said...

I love Woolworths! One of my downtown favorites