Dear Sean & Allie,

We loved your wedding, but who knew we'd find ourselves the recipients of some of your gorgeous green apple centerpieces?! I took it upon myself to turn your edible decor into some delicious applesauce. I hope you approve. John and I would love to have you over to share in the feast, but alas, we recognize that the distance between us is too great. So, just know that we think of you each and every time we enjoy a bowl & pray silent blessings upon you as you embark on your new journey. Happy Marriage to you (& happy applesauce to us :)

(not my picture)
I found the recipe here, just in case you find yourself with some centerpiece apples of your own in the near future.

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allie said...

Thanks Katie! Applesauce is definitely a good way to go with making use of those apples. There's an incredibly easy crock-pot recipe for applesauce I might use for mine!