A walk down memory lane...

G. Sue & Grandpa Ken lived in an amazing old colonial house. They remodeled multiple times & truly made it their own. After grandpa died, over 20 years ago now, G. Sue stayed there, but realized after awhile that the place was just too big and too much work for her to sustain on her own. The family house was then sold to a very dear farming family with whom G. Sue still stays in touch.

Yesterday, that dear farming family invited us over to revisit the house again. It was indeed a walk down memory lane. G. Sue, my mom, and her sisters shared stories about their ubringing, Denise & I chatted about our memories as visitors to the house, and John went along to see what I've been blabbering about for all of these many years. It was a day that will be remembered with great fondness for many years to come. I've included a few exterior photos below, but nothing that would compromise the family's privacy. Maybe you can obtain a glimpse of the fondness that we all shared for the old place.

Indeed a dream house.

This pathway connected the front & back yards. We often referred to it affectionately as the "secret passageway". To either side of the path are large bushes that allowed us to create forts & play games of hide 'n seek that have yet to be topped (although I'm not so much into doing either of those things anymore ;)

Oh this is special.
When the grandchildren were growing up, G. Sue often measured our heights again the back of a cabinet door in her kitchen. This dear family kept those cabinet doors unchanged and Denise & I were able to see each of our measurements from years past. The above picture was my measurement taken exactly 10 years ago yesterday. The current children in the house shared that they often wondered who the people on the cabinet door were, and now they know.

The deck on the top of the house...very cool

The back view from the deck. The current family grows oranges, which can be seen in the background.

Oh this house. What a treat to visit it again. I'm so glad John was able to see it. I believe that it is this house that has influenced my passion for older homes. What a special memory.


Sharon said...

How fun that must have been for you and your family. I am glad to see pictures as well since you have spoken so fondly of this special house over the years. Thanks for sharing!

Randy said...

What special people to invite you to their home and to preserve some of your memories as they create their own! I remember Ellen (Wilkins) and I singing a duet in your G. Sue's house for a Fid Amore meeting (a great group of ladies). We also took some time to poke around the house. It certainly is a "dream house". Thanks for sharing the pictures, Katie. -Pam