It's a wrap...

I'm still trying to declutter and reorganize some of the mess in the baby's room. Today I tackled my gift wrapping supplies. Up until this evening, they have been stored in this "under the bed" rolling storage container. Good idea, but the darn thing never fit under our bed, so it just hung out in the spare bedroom...until now. I took everything out of the container (which I will now use below the crib...assuming it fits there, one can never be so sure about such arrangements) and I found a new place for the gift wrapping supplies...

Former gift wrapping supply home

New gift wrapping supply home

I found a (clean) old trashcan in the garage and neatly placed all of my supplies inside. Everything fit perfectly. The only trouble was, all of my ribbons & gift tags kept falling to the bottom of the can, where retrieval was nothing short of a challenge. To combat this problem, I whipped up a little storage bag of sorts using a fat quarter of fabric & a leftover piece of polka dot ribbon (found within the supplies themselves). It isn't a thing of beauty or anything, but it seems to serve it's purpose well.
Sewing + Organization = a night well spent

My little ribbon/gift tag storage bag

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