My little brother...

...is getting married.

I think every sister, at some point in her life, finds herself pondering the same question, "Is there really someone who will willingly want to subject herself to living with my brother for the rest of her life?!" These thoughts enter our mind in moments of frustration & anger. I'm sure Jill asked them about John, just as I did about Ben. Jill probably wondered if John was going to draw a line down the center of the bathroom counter and demand that I keep all of my stuff on my own side, just as I wondered if Ben would deliberately reach over the imaginary line in the car and "pester" his future wife on long road trips. However, now that I am older (& more mature?) I see that my brother has grown into a man with great marriage potential, and now that I see who he has chosen to marry, everything seems to fit and I think will work out perfectly. I'll still remember those times of great annoyance, but I think they've come to pass. I will, however, be standing by with a little glimmer in my eye, when my little brother has a son of his own someday...one that will most likely turn out just like him. Leaving his sisters to ponder the very same question..."Someone marry my brother...really?"


Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

What a great post Katie! And a great picture too! It still surprises me to see Ben "all grown up" when I visit home. I guess part of me will always think of him as the boy who trashed the play house with mud, just after we'd lovingly set it all up after school. :) He really was the neighborhood little brother to Mindy and me.

Anonymous said...

You want a bet? I still wonder why anyone would marry my brother at times. And, I still can get mad about him crossing those imaginary lines.
Aunt Debbie