Cooking for Baby...

My mom gave me a little gift yesterday, and I love it! I've had to pace myself because I could just sit down and read the whole thing all at once. Cooking for Baby is a book about making homemade, wholesome baby food, which sounds intriguing. Obviously, I won't need to worry about this for about 6 months or so, but it's never too early to start reading about it, right? This book has beautiful pictures and high quality information. I can't wait to dig in.

Oh, and that saffron rice...nothing :(

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Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I made some of Emily's food and found one of the best ways to store it was to fill ice trays with the food, put the tray in a large zip-lock to freeze, and then pop the ice-cube shaped food into the labeled zip-lock to be stored in the freezer.

They thaw quickly, and allow you to use just what baby needs without wasting.

Do you know where your mom got the book? It looks like my Williams-Sonoma cook books! :)