Dear Suzanne,

I love the blue and orange striped leggings you gave me (I think my dad would prefer that they be called "socks"). They kept my legs toasty warm while I was at the beach. My mom said something about me not needing them in Bakersfield any time soon. Good thing we have a few more beach trips planned in the next month or so :) I can't wait to visit you in your store!


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Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

Dear Henry:
You tell that daddy of yours that they are called Baby Leggs and by the looks of them you have plenty of growing room. Before we know it you'll be crawling and they'll help keep your knees safe from scrapes. I love watching you grow and can't wait until you are old enough to come to Strawberry Patches and play with my toys.
Your friend,
Miss Suzanne