First Day of School...

I made John take a first day of school picture outside the front door...he was a good sport about it. Notice the blue and gold attire...it's pretty much all he owns. I'm glad he doesn't work at a school who's colors are something crazy like orange and black...those would make for some really terrible dress shirt and tie combinations. I'm just saying... ;)

I asked John what he wanted for his first day of school breakfast and opted for blueberry pancakes...so that's what we had. I'm glad I had time to make them for him.

Obviously, the biggest difference about today, as compared to the past 22 years, is that I did not have my own personal "first day of school". It was a bit odd, but not as strange as I had imagined. I look forward to this new season and am thankful for the many people in my life who place value on the work of a mother at home. I don't think I have left education for good, we've just parted ways for a time...but eventually we will find each other again.

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betsy said...

you're a silly girl. :) black and orange are so much fun to wear! ;)