Our Garage Project part 1...

Our garage project is well under way. Did I ever tell you about this garage project? Maybe I didn't, but check out our garage, it's pretty obvious isn't it? Something must be done...

Knowing that clutter makes me crazy I've pretty much refused to go in the garage for a very long time. I couldn't handle the mess. Thus begins our project.

So what does this project entail? Glad you asked...
  • The addition of new wiring and electrical outlets. In it's current state, our garage only has one electrical outlet, and the garage door is plugged into one of the plugs. Not good. My dad is doing the wiring for us. He's really good at this. Ben helped too. Glad we have family members who know how to do this kind of stuff. John and I are learning a lot along the way.
  • Insulation & Wallboard. This is necessary for two reasons. #1: This will hopefully keep our garage from getting insanely hot in the summers. This is important because. We're getting a FREEZER! Now I can bake and cook and freeze fruit and veggies with abandon. Yeah! #2: The insulation & wallboard will keep everything quite a bit cleaner, which means that all of Henry's outgrown toys and clothing will be stored in a more hospitable environment and will be ready for his little brother or sister someday.
  • Lots of putty. Self-explanatory
  • Paint
  • Storage. Can't wait for this. We're going to pretty much use what we have and then buy more if necessary. My dad snagged me a hanging cupboard when his church (used to be my church, too) remodeled a Sunday School wing...it was headed for the dump, but my dad saved it for me. I can't wait to use it. That's my kind of storage!
  • A small toolbench for John. My parents got him one for Christmas. It's been sitting in their garage until our garage project was complete. We can't wait to actually be able to use it.
  • And, of course, my favorite part of the whole project is when I get to get in there and organize the entire thing!
We only have a one-car garage so organizing is crucial to meeting our storage needs. My goal is to be able to store, freeze, and park in there by Christmas. I think we can do it.

This is what we've done so far:

Dad cutting wallboard

Wallboard up

Insulation in

And yeah...it's still pretty messy, but we're getting there.


toni said...

Wow! Great project. Cant wait to see more updates of the progress.

JHRME said...

Looks like things are moving along!