23 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

23-week highlights:
  • Henry is now able to roll around the room. He has managed to wedge himself in between the chair and TV cabinet on more than one occasion.
  • Henry can reach almost anything he desires by rolling.
  • Henry's sitting has improved greatly from last week. He is now able to lean to the side and balance himself on his hand. He can also keep his balance while looking around the room.
  • Henry likes to pivot, moving his arms and legs in a circle, while his stomach stays firmly planted on the ground.
  • He is just beginning to push up onto his knees and arms.


Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

THat is just amazing! My babies are exactly one day younger, but so far off from Henry's highlights! They are no where near ready to sit up! What a big boy you have!

toni said...

So cute!

Denise Feil said...

sitting up!!! I am missing out on so much.

Jill said...

That first picture made me squeal out loud! He is so cute!