25 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

25-week highlights:
  • Loves yams, lukewarm about bananas.
  • Can now push up onto his knees and lift his belly off the floor for a few seconds.
  • Naps seem to go better when he has music in his room, although, despite my efforts, they still remain a mere 45 minutes long.
  • Has decided he likes to be rocked before naptime again.
  • Bedtime is around 7ish.
  • Has discovered electrical outlets.
  • Loves to splash in the bathtub.
  • Solid food input has resulted in a change of Henry's output...cloth diapering has gotten more interesting :)


toni said...

He is so cute Katie. I just want to squish his little feet.

Jill said...

That first picture just made my day.

Anonymous said...

Henry is one of the cutest little babies I have ever seen. Enjoy, they grow up fast, OH! mine did, it seems like yesterday they were that little