31 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

31-week highlights:
  • Henry has started to crawl. He isn't exceptionally proficient yet, but he's moving. The percentage of time spent per day keeping him out of trouble has grown exponentially in the last week.
  • Henry is beginning to show us that he can be quite determined. When he sees something he wants, he will not rest until he can get his hands on it.
  • Henry can not only pull himself to kneeling while in the crib, but to standing as well (as long as I place him in there on his bottom, not his back).
  • Standing, standing, standing that's his favorite thing to do.
  • When we open the door to go outside, Henry always lets out a shriek. He loves going outside.
  • Favorite toys this week: kitchen utensils, leaves that get tracked in the house, spoons, and really anything that he isn't supposed to have.
  • We are working on trying to cut out nursing in the middle of the night. Monday night we worked at it for 2 hours (from 2:30-4:30am) and came to realize that 1. Our little boy is quite particular & stubborn & 2. We are going to have to ease rather gradually into this no night nursing thing.
  • Henry has developed a runny nose, which for him means NO NAPS...unless he's sleeping on mom.


Kelly said...

My little nephew is growing up so fast!

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

He is so cute! But I think you're going to need a bigger blanket. He's grown off the blanket right in front of our eyes! :)