32 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

32-week highlights:
  • Loves to crawl into our shower and make lots of noise. He discovered the joy that is making noise in spaces that echo with Grandpa Bob at Nathan & Adrianne's wedding last Saturday. I believe a hallway at the church where they were married provided him with his first echo opportunity.
  • Curious, curious, curious.
  • Sleeping in general is becoming difficult. Naps, nighttime, whatever. I'm thinking maybe he's experiencing severe teething pain, but one can never know for sure. He puts up a HUGE, monstrous fuss every single time I lay him down to sleep. I check on him & comfort him, but just can't bear to make him cry longer than an hour. He used to wake up happy, but now he wakes up screaming...hoping this is a short-lived phase.
  • Continues to pull himself up on whatever he can grab onto. He isn't always successful, but he's getting there.
  • He seems to enjoy going to the nursery at church and Bible Study (at least for now). He is excited to play with the toys there and is always happy when I pick him up. For this, I'm thankful.
  • Loves to chew on spatulas.
  • I've been putting frozen grapes into those little mesh feed bag type contraptions for him, and he loves to chew on them.
  • I usually put Henry in his highchair while I cook and let him chew on his frozen grapes, teething rings, etc. He can sit like that for quite awhile, which makes my meal preparation so much easier.
  • Despite his sleeping issues of late, John and I are still completely smitten with our boy and love watching him grow and development right before our very eyes.


JHRME said...

Those mesh food thingamajigs are amazing! Magic!

Anonymous said...

I think the blanket you take a picture of Henry on is shrinking... :)