35 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

35-week highlights:
  • Henry pulls himself up on everything. Everyday I'm amazed at his increasing strength. John took his first step at 8 1/2 months, so we are fully expecting that Henry will follow in his daddy's footsteps (pun intended).
  • Not only is Henry pulling himself up, but he is even daring to remove his hands from his source of stability and stand on his own for a few seconds.
  • Once Henry has pulled himself to standing he tries to shuffle from one place to the next while still holding onto whatever it is that is supporting him. For example, he likes to pull himself up on the bathtub and then scoot along until he gets to the bathroom vanity. After arriving at the vanity he loves to suck on the drawer knobs.
  • He has discovered how to open cupboard doors. Underneath the bathroom sink is a new favorite place to find treasures.
  • Henry has been doing this thing with his tongue for about a week now...he seems to twist it sideways and then move it in and out of his mouth. We'll see if this is a fleeting amusement for him, or something that sticks with him for awhile.
  • HENRY HAS HIS FIRST TOOTH! My dad discovered it on Monday, Dec. 28th. 1 day prior to his 8-month birthday.
  • Henry loves to crawl all over the house. If I shut a door, but don't latch it, he has figured out how to push it open and crawl through.
  • Henry is now clapping, and it is so very cute.

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Jill said...

I love the clapping!