36 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

36-week highlights:
  • Henry's new favorite trick is to pull open our sliding bedroom door. This was cute the first few times that he did it, but now it is officially annoying. Because we can't lock our door from the outside, there is really no easy way to keep him out!
  • Henry's clapping is becoming more pronounced. At John's most recent basketball game he seemed to join the crowd in applause on at least one occasion.
  • Henry really loves other kids. He smiles & laughs at them when he sees them.
  • We are slowly & cautiously introducing a few finger foods. So far just bananas & cheerios. Henry likes the idea of feeding himself, he just hasn't quite gotten the hang of how to do it yet.
  • He continues to stand up at every given opportunity. It's his favorite thing to do right now, in fact.
  • Second only to standing on Henry's list of favorites, is opening and closing cupboards door & drawers
  • Henry's night time sleeping habits continue to be a bit of a struggle...it appears that we have a John Jr. on our hands. Each and every sleeping complaint I have about Henry is almost identical to what Bob & Sharon struggled with during John's early months. At least we have them to commiserate with!

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