37 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

37-week highlights:
  • I think we have finally made some progress in the nighttime sleeping department. We've tried letting Henry cry at night before, but it just wasn't the right time (for him, but mostly for me). This week we tried again, and we have seen success. The first night we let him cry it took about 1 1/2 hours for him to get himself back to sleep (John went in and comforted him twice during this time). The second night was 45 minutes, and since then, we've seen increased improvement. So much improvement in fact, that the last 2 nights Henry has not eaten at all during the night. And, last night, he woke up once and put himself back to sleep without a single touch or comforting word from us...progress is being made! (We recognize that our sleep issues are most likely not over...but we are celebrating our victories as they come :)
  • Not only have Henry's night time sleeping habits improved, but his naps this week have been fantastic! 1 1/2 hours at the least and 2 hours at the most...I can't believe the sleep we are getting out of him right now.
  • Henry continues to crawl and climb everywhere.
  • He loves to open up the drawers in the bathroom and pull everything out them.
  • He is becoming quite the mama's boy.
  • Henry loves to turn the pages of his board books.
  • Lately he has taken to crawling to me and pulling himself up to standing while grabbing my legs. It sure makes mama feel good :)
  • He loves digital clocks with red numbers.
  • He is fascinated by the dryer. He loves to pull the clothes out and pull himself up and look inside. (Monitored closely at all times, of course)
  • Henry seems to be one determined fellow. If he wants something, he will stop at nothing to get it. He is not easily distracted, but stays focused on the destination or item of his choice. This is hardly surprising to us.
  • John and I love our little boy. It's hard to imagine life without him.

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