New windows...

It was time. John and I had been examining the possibility of getting new windows for well over a year now. Why new windows? Oh, let me count the ways...
  1. Winter window condensation...so depressing.
  2. Every window leaked like crazy. (Heat, cold, water, noise...it all got in).
  3. The front window was supposed to open...but never did.
  4. Henry's window had a huge crack in it.
  5. Washing each individual pane of glass was a huge pain.
  6. The windows developed an odd film on them, making them impossible to ever really get clean.
  7. Nighttime feedings sitting next to a drafty window are no fun.
  8. Rattling windows + hourly train passes = severe annoyance.
  9. Energy savings.
  10. And most importantly, Henry's room has been downright freezing this winter. Wood floors and drafty windows make for a most uncomfortable room in the middle of the night.
Now that we have our windows in, I'm kicking myself for even hesitating on the upgrade. Our house looks better, feels better, and sounds better than it ever has before. I think it was time to lay our 60-year old windows to rest. They had a good run.

That condensation drove me crazy...



Julie said...

those look great! is your house a lot quieter? I noticed that when my parents got new windows.

Colette said...

Oh, I remember getting new windows in our old house -- it was such a treat! I especially like the fog in your before pics -- it causes your after pics to look so much brighter -- it just kind of cracked me up. That's the kind of thing the pros do for their before and afters. :)

toni said...

These look great! I too suffer through the gross winter window condensation. Its so annoying

Olive Oyl said...

They look great!!!

Jill V said...

Katie, where did you get them? We've been considering new windows for awhile now as well.

Katie said...

We ordered our windows through Northwest Exteriors. They are Anlin windows, and we really like them. NW Exteriors was running a special so we got a good deal...maybe they still have it going. Good luck!