40 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

40-week highlights:
  • This week Henry's "talking" has really picked up. He jabbers all day long...at least at home. He's a bit quieter in less familiar settings.
  • His new favorite sound is "mamamamama". John thinks that he is beginning to connect this sound to me and I couldn't be happier about it.
  • An increase in vertical stability has been very apparent this past week. Henry can stand for quite an extended period of time (10-20 seconds) without holding onto anything. He begins to wobble, but often catches his balance before he falls.
  • Henry cruises all over the place. He loves to hold onto the couch and walk around while keeping his hands on the cushions. He especially likes to do this when mom & dad aren't looking...this means that he can sneak over to the corner of the couch and bang on the computer keys. Obviously we are learning not to leave the computer within his reach.
  • He likes to run his head into the door to our bedroom and the bifold doors to the laundry closet. I think he likes the sound & movement the doors make when he runs into it.
  • Henry loves to stand at the bookshelves behind our couch and throw his books on the floor.
  • Stairs...Henry loves them. He managed to climb all the way up to Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon's upstairs room with only minimal assistance from Grandpa.
  • He is still sleeping well at night. Praise the Lord!
  • Naps have shortened, but he is going down easier than he did last week. We've reinstated the nap music in hopes of easing his awake to sleep transition. Seems to be helping so far.


toni said...

These pictures are so adorable

Olive Oyl said...

Love, love, love his face in the first pic. What a cutie! And SO GLAD you are getting some sleep during the night! Hope the naps start going more smoothly... :(