51 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

51-week highlights:
  • Henry can now stand up all by himself. He doesn't need to pull himself up on anything to get to his feet.
  • I rarely see Henry crawl these days. I'm so glad we captured his crawling on video because it's almost completely gone!
  • Henry loves to play with blocks. He can now stack 3 big wooden blocks on top of each other.
  • Henry likes to bob his head up and down for some reason. We really need to try and capture this on video, it's pretty cute.
  • Henry loves pears. I'd classify them as his current favorite food (besides bread).
  • Naps are currently still going well (Wow, 2 weeks in a row of good naps...I don't think that's ever happened before!)
  • I've noticed that when my allergies start to act up (as they have currently been doing) Henry will also develop a runny nose, start sneezing, and have watery eyes. I'm hoping he has not inherited my allergies, but signs are pointing that way at this point. We'll see.
  • Henry likes to copy John and I. If John taps the table, Henry will tap the table. If John takes the napkin and wipes his face, Henry will take the napkin & wipe his face. Pretty cute.
  • Playing with John has to be Henry's #1 favorite thing to do. When John comes home for lunch or walks in the door after work, Henry will always stop what he is doing and immediately head towards John. As has been the case since Henry's very first chuckle, there is no one that can make Henry laugh harder or longer than his daddy.

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