From Cambodia...

...came our dear cousins, Elijah & Sina, & their son, Micah. We celebrated their California visit with a Penner family gathering last night. Penner family gatherings are always a treat, but especially so because John gets to spend time with his cousins (Jay, I'm lumping you into the cousin category too). John and his cousins share many similar interests...sports, Seinfeld knowledge, general-competitiveness, and a long-standing commitment to playing hard. He always leaves family gatherings pining for the days of old when cousins lived close and games seemed to have no end. So when the Penner family all gathers in one spot for a short while, it's always special...

Henry greeting Aunt Glena, Uncle Steve, & Micah

4 generations of Penner boys

The only 2 great-grandsons, Henry & Micah

Henry loved this stick. He dragged it around the yard for probably close to 30 minutes.

Playing catch with Sean

Henry loved pushing this doll stroller around!

Love this picture of Henry & Aunt Jill!

Elijah, Sina, & Micah

Thanks to Denise & Andrew's Christmas gift of ladder golf (best gift ever, if you ask John) lots of games were played. The last game of the day pitted Nathan & Adrianne against John & Elijah. John & Elijah won...but I have no doubt that a rematch is likely already in the works...the hard part will be finding a time to play when both sets of Penners are in the country. Unless ladder golf can somehow be played via skype...

A good evening.


Toni said...

Looks like a fun night! We love ladder golf too!

Sharon said...

A good evening indeed.