The MCC Sale...

The MCC Sale is one of the highlights of our year. We love to travel to Fresno to meet up with dear friends, eat good food, purchase exquisite handicrafts, and support MCC's efforts to meet the needs of others in the name of Christ. This year was extra special because it was Henry's very first sale! Last year I came sporting a rather swollen belly, and this year...a walking baby boy! What a difference a year makes.

We started off our Saturday by helping at the Run for Relief...

Henry with Grandpa Bob

After the run we ate our usual pancake breakfast and then Henry and I met up with my dear friend, Kelly & her nearly 6-week old babe, Geno. It was a treat to finally get to meet him. While we talked, Henry discovered the plant sale's gardening shovel and thoroughly enjoyed "digging" in the dirt.

Kelly & baby Geno

I saw lots of amazing quilts that I wanted to buy, and I watched this very talented lady's quilt sell for a whopping $3700! We caught up with many other special friends & family members as well, but unfortunately, I didn't pull the camera out to capture them. We can't wait to go back again next year!

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Suzanne said...

And of course Henry had on his overalls! So cute. I have such good memories of the MCC Sale with my mom. I would drive her up there and we would sit all day as she would bid (and get totally carried away)on quilts, We would always come home with several and usually the "big one", She would always say, "It's for a good cause" as she raised her number and promise "this is my last bid". Yeah, right. She was so stubborn and never wanted to lose one to someone else no matter what the cost.