13 months...

The biggest difference between 12 & 13-months...getting Henry to sit still for pictures. We did our best...

13-month highlights:
  • Whenever we say "Where is Henry?" he points to himself, which is just about the cutest thing ever. He also points to himself when he sees his picture on the computer or in frames.
  • Henry still loves pears, smoothies, and ritz crackers. He's added grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, and any dessert item to this list now too.
  • Henry's favorite thing to do at Grandpa Royce & Grandma Gail's house is to play outside. He LOVES to go into my dad's shop and walk around. His very favorite thing is when he gets to sit in the boat and "drive".
  • Henry's favorite thing to do at Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon's house is to wedge himself into their long front entry window frames. He also loves to run into the office and look at himself on the computer, as well as spin in the computer chair. Another favorite is to crawl under their skirted dining room chairs.
  • Weaning is going rather well. In fact, much better than I had anticipated. I cut out 3 feedings in the last month. I didn't offer and he didn't ask, so we moved on rather uneventfully. The only feeding we have left is his bedtime feeding. I haven't even attempted to cut that out yet.
  • He loves to have books read to him. His current favorites are birthday gifts from Uncle Mark & Aunt Susanne, Moo on the Farm & 123 Sea, both by Julie Fletcher.
  • Henry is now taking one nap/ day (usually). The easiest way for me to get him to relax enough to put him down is to put him in his high chair and give him a small snack and water. He is currently taking his naps on our bed.
  • Henry's favorite thing is to play with his daddy outside. John can get Henry to laugh more than anyone else.
  • He still loves to play with sticks of all kinds.
  • He jabbers a lot, but is still only saying "mama" and "bah".
  • When Henry wants to go outside, he will bring us his shoes.
  • Henry can now open the back door by himself.

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