This never happens...

...other kids fall asleep in their high chairs, but not mine...until today!

I'm experimenting with Henry's nap schedule again (story of my life). Henry's afternoon naps have been non-existent lately, so I attempted to keep him awake longer to see if I could squeeze one nice long late morning/early afternoon nap out of him. He was so tired when I gave him a snack at 10:45 this morning that he fell asleep mid-ritz cracker! I tried laying him down in his crib and he screamed (as usual) but I knew he was tired, so I let him fall asleep again and put him down on my bed instead and he slept for a solid 2 1/2 hours! I'm wondering if it's the crib that's causing some of our napping woes. John's Grandma Donna mentioned today that John's youngest Penner cousin developed a distaste for his crib early on. May be this is the case for Henry too. He does great at night, but naps are pure torture. Maybe a twin bed with a nice safety rail will find its way to our house sometime in the near future. Or maybe he will just continue to nap on my bed. At this point, I don't really care where he sleeps, as long as he sleeps.

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betsy said...

yes, other kids do fall asleep in highchairs. i believe i have a post dedicated only to that. :) cute pic.