14 months...

14-month highlights:
There are just so many things to report this month! Hopefully I'm remembering everything. Friends & family feel free to add to my list if you think of things that I forgot :)
  • I have officially weaned Henry. I started the weaning process when he turned one and was determined to proceed with a great amount of care and gentleness. My goal was to move slowly, at a pace that was comfortable for both Henry and me. I think it was a successful weaning transition. It's hard to believe that I am no longer a nursing mother!
  • I think we can officially proclaim month 13 as the "month of the book". Henry LOVES books. He will pick a favorite from his shelf and bring it to us and crawl into our lap as we read. It is really quite precious.
  • Henry loves basketball hoops. My Grandma Net has a small hoop and ball that Henry grabs every single time he goes to her house.
  • Henry loves to go to the high school gym with John. He loves to run around and chase the basketball while he's there.
  • Whenever Henry hears a car engine he waves. He could be completely engrossed in something else, but as soon as he hears a car start his hand flaps up and down. He also waves when he is finished with something like food or a book.
  • Henry's naps are still unpredictable. Lately he's been in need of a nap around 9:30am, but that will be the only nap he takes all day...I'm hoping he outgrows this phase soon.
  • Henry is talking quite a bit. His voice inflection mimics our conversational tone. He says the words "bah" (ball), "mama" & "dada".
  • Henry loves to eat: smoothies, pears, any dessert, graham crackers, peanut butter, popsicles, yogurt, & blueberries. He's not much of a meat or vegetable eater at this point.
  • When we ask Henry if he wants to go outside he runs to the door and tries to open it.
  • When you say "where is Henry" he points to himself and has just begun to point to mommy & daddy on command.
  • When we ask Henry if he wants to play in his playhouse, he will open the ottoman and pull out his playhouse cover. Very cute.
  • Henry still loves to be outside.
  • Henry likes to help me water my garden & pick my tomatoes. When he picks the tomatoes he likes to take a big bite out of them and then spit it out.
  • Henry is a happy boy and we just love him to pieces!


Suzanne said...

. Henry likes to play with Miss Suzanne at Strawberry Patches but Mommy doesn't take him as often as he'd like.

Olive Oyl said...

Eeek. I love his darling curls. :)

I can't believe how grown-up he looks just in the past few months. Sigh. They shoot up like little weeds from this point on.

I'm so glad weaning went okay for you. I was worried it would be a battle but for Swee'Pea but the day I had prepared to be my last day could not have gone smoother, and he was never interested in it again. So nice when BOTH of you are ready for it to be done.

And Swee'Pea does the same thing with Tomatoes. No matter HOW HARD I try to convince him that they are just red grapes. :)

Jill said...

These are great pictures! He looks like he's posing!