The Grizzlies game...

Last Saturday the Shafter Wiebe branch (Bob, Sharon, John, Henry, & me) traveled to Fresno to spend some time with the Fresno branch (Jay & Jill). After an afternoon together we met the Penner extended family at the Fresno Grizzlies game. This sounded like a great idea, until Henry refused to sleep during the car ride up and was generally malcontent throughout the entire trip. Blah. When Henry woke up Sunday morning we discovered the reason behind his displeasure...the flu. After we cleaned up his crib and kept him close all day, we figured we had escaped the worst of it all. Only one vomit episode? And in the crib no less. We were indeed fortunate! Everything was fine and dandy until I got the flu on Monday night...minutes before John was set to leave for basketball practice. Nice. John took Henry to the gym with him and left me at home to be sick (and oh was I sick!). He even fed, changed, bathed, and rocked Henry to sleep once he got home. And after that he cleaned the house and folded the laundry even! He's quite the catch isn't he?! The flu is going around in my family, but John & my mom have managed to escape it so far. Hopefully they'll stay well throughout the 4th of July weekend.

Pictures of our Fresno trip:

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