16 months...

16-month highlights:
  • Henry can say 5 words: mama, dada, baba (ball), moo, and vroom-vroom (car/truck)
  • Henry loves books! His favorite thing to do is bring us a book and then crawl up into our lap so that we will read it to him. His current favorites are animal books where everything seems to make a "moo" sound.
  • Henry still loves his smoothies, although his current favorite food is probably raisins. He has figured out how to open our pull-out pantry and pull the raisins out and feed himself.
  • Henry likes to eat his snacks in his booster seat on the floor in the kitchen.
  • Henry has gone to the bathroom in the toilet 5 times (pee only)! We are not trying to potty train him yet, but we noticed that he always peed when we put him in the bathtub, so we've started sitting him on the toilet before his bath. Sometimes we have success and sometimes we don't. We are currently in the "raising awareness" state of potty training...this may last until he's 3, who really knows.
  • The sweetest thing that Henry does right now is pray. When we eat dinner we hold hands to pray, so as soon as John or I says, "Let's pray," Henry lifts up his hands and reaches for ours. It is just precious.
  • Henry loves to crawl around in the car.
  • Balls are still Henry's primary interest, although animals and books are pretty high up there too.
  • Henry has already figured out that his grandparents are more likely to give him what he wants than his parents...that's ok though, that's what grandparents are for, right? :)
  • John is in charge of Henry's bedtime routine. Bath, books, pj's, brush teeth, more books, rock to sleep. This is working really well for us right now.
  • Naps are going well. Henry usually goes down between 12 and 1 and sleeps for 1-2 hours. He's allowing me to read to him and rock him a bit before I put him down, which is such an improvement for him!
  • When I leave Henry at the church nursery during Sunday School/Church he always cries big alligator tears, but when I leave him at the church nursery during aerobics...he's fine.
  • Henry loves to try and put my bobby pins in his hair, and use q-tips to clean his ears.
  • Henry is starting to require some parental discipline. "No" is not a favorite word around here.
  • We love our Henry!

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Sharon said...

We love our Henry too!