More new bed pillows...

I think my bed pillows are finally done. Yeah!

I had originally purchased this pillow from Target, but for $25 I decided that I'd rather apply that money to fabric, so the pillow was returned. I made my own version...and quite like the way it turned out. To make the rosettes I sewed a fabric tube and then haphazardly shoved the tube underneath my presser foot in a somewhat circular formation. Super fun!

The front:

The back (the patchwork strip in the middle was unintentional...I cut my backing fabric too small so I had to add an additional 2 inches to make it work. Turned out cute though!):

The front (I LOVE THIS FABRIC!):

The back of the pillow turned out fantastically! I used small scraps to make the bunting, and used a leftover piece of yellow Amy Butler fabric to make a pocket. I'm thinking that I will make a pocket pillow for every bed in our house, then we can use them as little mailboxes and leave little surprise notes for each other. I think that will be fun when Henry starts to draw & write.

The Back:

Pillows en masse:

What was happening while I was trying to take pictures of the pillows:


Cathy said...

I love them!! Wish I had your creative skills...I'm throwing a baby shower and trying to come up with creative ways to decorate onesies...any ideas?? I bought some paints and fabric markers and some iron ons...It's for my youth pastor's wife so I'm going to have the youth kids decorating...Any thoughts on non-cheesy decorations? It's a boy...which makes it slightly harder than buttons and ribbon for girls ;)

Denise Feil said...

Wow, you did such a great job... so creative. I love when your creative juices get flowing!!! Your bed looks great.

Suzanne said...

Great job Katie. L O V E the bunting pillow with the pocket. So clever. And you're right about saving money for fabric. You should ALWAYS do that. Is there anything more important than fabric? (I didn't think so). Oh. I always tell my customers that mistakes are only embellishment opportunities. You proved my point. Love it all! Sew on...