My first canning experience...

My friend, Miriam, introduced me to the wide and wonderful world of canning yesterday. Miriam is an expert canner. Last year alone, she canned over 200 jars of peaches for her family of 5! She invited me to come and join her yesterday, and boy did we have a good time. We both enjoy working with food, working hard, and saving money, so it couldn't have been a better day. The pictures are both sparse and horrible because we were up to our elbows in peach goop the entire day! It would have been nice to get a picture of the 4 kids, but I guess that will have to happen next time. Thanks for the fun, Miriam!

John and Jason not only watched the kids, and brought us lunch, but they pitted and peeled peaches too!

Henry took a tumble and got a nice scratch under his left eye and under his nose. Kind of hard to tell in this picture, but it's there.

This is Miriam's fantastic canning pot! Jason built it for her. It holds 23 jars and is really amazing!

Although canning comes with great rewards, it sure does tucker you out. John let me sleep in until 7:3o this morning, and after church I took a 2-hour nap while Henry was sleeping. I think I'm all caught up now! Totally worth it though :)

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Rachel said...

I love this post! Work is so much more fun when you have some one to share it with. Did she come to your house and help you with a chore too?