Antique Shop finds...

I mentioned in an earlier post that while in Visalia I had a few lucky antique store finds...but it is only now, a few days later, that I am finally getting around to showing them to you!

Henry and the Paper Route...how could I not?

An $18 Radio Flyer rocking horse. It's a petite little thing, which works out perfectly for our petite little house.

And the best find of all...a child-size wooden workbench with functioning vice! Oh my how I love this thing. It was $40...but 50% off because the seller was retiring! Such luck! There are some stray pencil marks on the top, and a leftover sticker on the pegboard, but I think I can get it all cleaned up pretty easily. No plans to paint the wood at this point. I think it looks quite nice the way it is. I think we'll put it away soon and then give it to Henry for Christmas...(along with these mama-made felt tools maybe?)

I love antique stores...and I love them even more when I come away with treasures like these!


Denise Feil said...

LOVE what you found. How can you not love antique stores!!!

toni said...

Really good finds!

toni said...

Really good finds!