The Fast family journeyed north to Shaver this past weekend to stay in G. Sue's cabin. It was the first visit for John, Henry, and me and boy was it great! The highlights from the weekend included: Shaver chunky bread, lots of football, reading, playing with Henry, swinging on the swings, laying on the hammock, playing taboo, antique shopping for Denise, Kelly, and me, and eating HUGE breakfasts...courtesy of mom. On Saturday some from the Sorensen family came up to enjoy a tri-tip BBQ. I think it made G. Sue's day to have so many of her favorite people at the cabin. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Denise is trying to get Henry to sit on "Pierre", G. Sue's watch bear. She likes to leave him by the door to welcome guests or, if she happens to be at the cabin right before you arrive, she will leave it outside to welcome you.

'till next time Shaver.


Denise Feil said...

Loved every minute of it!

Nancy said...

Great pics, Katie! And what a great "memory weekend"!!