Henry's new cupboard...

I mentioned here that I almost bought a cabinet to turn into a play kitchen for Henry. I had the owner of the booth even put that light blue child's cabinet to the side for me, but as soon as I was walking up to pay her, I saw this cabinet:

I changed my mind. This little cabinet had my name written all over it. As soon as I saw it, Henry walked right up to it and immediately started opening and closing the cupboard doors. It was a sign. I bought the cabinet.

I'm thinking that I (and by I, I really mean Bob...he's a really great wood worker) will add a sink and a couple of burners, and possibly even an oven door. Oh my, this was a fantastic find for me! Thanks to Denise & sister-in-law, Kelly's, coworker, Teri for the vote of purchasing confidence.

Isn't he cute with his new cupboard?!

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toni said...

I can't wait to see how this turn out! I have a serious weakness for play kitchens.