In the kitchen...

Henry cracks me up when he is in the kitchen with me. I can't believe how much he absorbs. For example...

1. Henry knows that utensils are used to stir. He like to put them in various bowls/pots and "stir" by making lots and lots of noise.
2. Henry likes to pick up things that are potentially hot (i.e. bread pans, cookie sheets, etc.) with a hot pad and carry them over to the oven and say "ot" (hot).
3. He knows that spoons are needed for yogurt and will get his own spoon out of the cupboard when he needs one.
4. When he wants a smoothie he gets a cup out and walks to the refrigerator and pulls on the door.
5. He can crawl into his high chair by himself and always tries to buckle the belt.
6. He knows that when we sit down to a meal we always hold hands and pray before we eat.
7. Henry loves to sit on the counter and help me mix ingredients. This usually results in a HUGE mess, but a happy boy. He especially loves to put his hand in the flour canister and drop handfuls of flour on the counter.

I love to sit back and watch him play. I find myself falling back into teacher mode and analyzing his learning process. He's my own little case study!


Denise Feil said...

He loved that cabinet from the beginning. Love at first sight!!!

Mama Gail said...

I'm so proud of him!