My college friends...

Last Friday I drove up to Fresno to spend some extra time with Denise prior to the Sorensen Christmas gatherings on Saturday. Everything about me driving up early worked out well...except that Denise had her staff Christmas party Friday night. I was looking for something to do while Denise and Andrew were out, so on a whim I emailed my friend, Sheila, to see if she was up for hanging out...and thankfully she was! Not only was she available, but she coordinated a reunion for 5 of our group of 6 roommates from college. So much fun! There's just something extra special about college friends and I am so thankful that we can still get together and laugh and talk just like in the old days. What was shaping up to be a pretty boring evening turned out to be one of the best parts of my trip! Thanks Sheila for the organization :)

Kelly, Geno, Jane, me, Henry, Sheila, Brooke, Brody
(only Maurecia was missing)

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