20 months...

20-month highlights:
This was a big month for Henry! I feel like he grew up so much in the past 30 days...
  • I think Henry has finally figured out how to sleep through the night! Woohoo!!!! I think he slept through the night every night this month. And not only did he sleep through the night, but he's been going to bed around 8ish and sleeping in until 7:30ish. Oh my goodness, I am one spoiled mama :) I realize that Henry may regress, but right now, John and I are loving this new sleeping pattern!
  • Henry is still taking his afternoon naps at 1:00 in the stroller. It's the only way I can get any sort of consistent nap out of him. I walk him to sleep and then push the stroller into his bedroom. He usually sleeps for about 1 1/2 hours (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less). These walks are good for both of us, and I have a feeling that I will look back and remember this phase with great fondness.
  • Henry always sleeps with his basketball. He takes it with him in the stroller on our afternoon nap walks, and he holds it when we put him into the crib at night. He likes to sleep on his stomach with one arm over the top of the ball. I seriously wonder if this ball has contributed to Henry's recent sleep improvements.
  • Henry's love of sports & balls is really quite amazing to me. I mean, I figured there would be a good chance that our children would enjoy sports, but I did not realize how soon this obsession could start! Henry is truly happiest when he is outside, or in the gym, with a ball in his hands.
  • Henry can now shoot baskets on our plastic hoop and make them with regularity. He used to have to stand on the top of his play structure to get the ball through the hoop, but now he can actually stand on the ground and throw it up and make it. John is pretty proud.
  • Henry can now do defensive slides (thanks for the instruction, Aunt Denise), shoot a set basketball shot with pretty darn good form, and come close to doing a somersault (thanks Grandpa Royce).
  • Henry received some great new toys for Christmas that he loves! They include: lots of balls, duplo, a wooden train set, the Little People farm, a scooter, and a Berenstain Bears ball DVD (among other things).
  • Henry has added some new words to his repetoire! He has learned how to say animal sounds: horse, pig, cow, bear, dog, cat. He can now also say "juice", which is so cute! Even though he doesn't use a lot of words yet, Henry understands pretty much everything we say. There isn't much that he doesn't pick up on.
  • Henry loves to eat yogurt and granola, nuts, Wheat Thins crackers, applesauce, meat, most fruit, animal crackers, pizza, and ice cream! He still isn't too fond of veggies, although he still gets spinach in his smoothies. He also loves to drink juice.
  • Henry is a really great helper. He always helps me pick up his toys, and he likes to follow me around the house and do the jobs that I am doing. He takes clothes out of the laundry basket and "folds" them and stacks them on top of each other, he pulls clothes off of the hangers and puts them into our dresser drawers, he sweeps, he dries dishes, he empties the dishwasher of his plates, bowls, and utensils, and he helps me cook. I love it when he helps me.
  • In the past few months, Henry has had a big problem with hitting, but for whatever reason, he hasn't had any hitting episodes this month.
  • Henry is getting to be quite bossy and assertive. He may not have a lot of words, but if he wants us to do something he will simply push us towards whatever he wants and not stop until he gets what he wants. Which, of course, doesn't always happen.
  • Henry says please and thank you by looking up and saying "mama" or "dada" in a sweet and quiet voice.
  • Henry is such an enjoyable child. He is sensitive,smart, focused, and funny (sounds a lot like his daddy!). We love having him in our family.

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