More Christmas Decor...

We are still working on trying to recover our lost Christmas pictures. It seems as though someone (Henry) managed to change the year on the computer to 2006. Which means that the pictures I uploaded were placed in a very old folder. Not a problem, except for the fact that I accidentally deleted the folder while trying to rename it. We think that the recycle bin saw that the pictures were from 2006 and just got rid of them. So, in between lots of basketball film watching, John is trying to recover the pictures. It may be awhile. So there will be a few random posts for awhile, but I think we should be back on track soon...hopefully with Christmas 2010 pictures to share as well :)

I just thought I should post a bit of my Christmas decor. I try to keep things fun & minimal. Here's a bit of our Christmas house...

Our stockings (made last year):

Our Christmas card garland...probably my very favorite part of our holiday decor:

Our Christmas bunting:

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