My new sewing space (part 1)

With baby #2 on the way it's come time to reassess and reorganize this little home of ours. My sewing space is slated to become Henry's new big boy room, which means, I'm out, and he's in. Instead of being sad about giving up my sewing room, I am super excited about my new sewing space. We are dedicating the nook in our front dining room to my sewing needs. John and cousin David moved my desk out of the sewing room last weekend, and I am loving it in it's new home. Bob made a quick trip to ikea while in LA last weekend and ordered some wall cabinets for me, so hopefully, within the next month or so, I will have a built in desk & cupboards devoted to all of my fabric & craft supplies. So fun! Here's my desk so far...

I'll post pictures as this space evolves, but for now, I'm loving the fact that I get to see my super awesome $50 yard sale teacher desk every day. It's really one of my very favorite pieces of furniture in the entire house. I'm glad it's receiving it's rightful place of prominence in our home :)

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toni said...

Perfect spot for your desk! Cant wait to see the progress. And how awesome is Bob, that he will go into Ikea for you? :)i