Penner Christmas...

It was either the last Christmas of 2010 or, more accurately, the first Christmas of 2011. Any way you look at it, January 2nd was the best day to celebrate Christmas with the Penners because the entire Penner family was able to be there...all 36 of us! This was no easy feat considering the many distances traveled: Fresno/Sanger/Reedley, Oregon, Kansas/Texas, Africa/Pasadena, and Cambodia. Finding a day that worked for everyone was a Christmas miracle unto itself.

Unless I recover the rest of my Christmas pictures, these will be the only ones I have from 2010. But at least I have something!

In order to accommodate such a large crowd, we ate in the garage, which actually seemed to work out quite well...

Gifts and talent.
John's family has a tradition of having a Talent Show at their Christmas celebrations. This year the youngest generation stole the show. Anna & Elinor sang "Away in a Manger", Henry made his animal sounds & showed us his defensive slides, and Micah demonstrated his ability to crouch down, grab an object and keep his heels on the floor the entire time.

Henry and his cousin, Micah...his only boy Penner cousin so far.

Micah and his daddy...

It should also be noted that Jay and Jill introduced us to a new game called "Perpetual Commotion" which is kind of like a combination of Speed, Skipbo, and Rook. Very fun. I'd highly recommend it!

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