Playing outside (finally)...

It was nice to finally have a few warm days last week. Henry and I tried to take full advantage of them by spending lots of time outside.

John moved Henry's basketball hoop onto the patio and we are all enjoying it in its new home. John and I love that we can watch Henry shoot baskets from inside the house and Henry likes the fact that his ball doesn't roll away after he shoots. This patio is turning out to be the best thing we've done to our house!

After Henry spent lots of time outside shooting baskets, he and I walked to the park and played. We used our new to us wagon, which we love! It was purchased from the church garage sale back in October and I am so thankful to have it.

These are Henry's 2 best friends, baba #1 and baba #2. We don't go anywhere without them. Henry even sleeps with them. Yes, both of them.

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