The kids bathroom (part 2- demo)...

As much as John and I like to do work ourselves (and as cheap as we are) , when it comes to large projects like bathroom or kitchen remodels, we have come to appreciate the value of hiring more skilled workers to tackle our projects. The reality is that John simply does not have the time, energy, or desire to try and learn a new skill and remodel our bathroom at the same time. He is too busy doing what he loves (coaching & teaching) to bother himself with a remodel. So, hiring someone it is.

We have, however, come to realize that we can save ourselves a good chunk of money by doing the demolition work ourselves. It doesn't require too many skills and can be completed in a day of hard work. Doing the demolition ourselves also allows me to micromanage the debris removal. I made sure every last inch of our wood floors were covered with towels so that large chunks of tile & backerboard didn't leave scratches all over it. A big concern for me. Doing the demo ourselves is a win-win for everyone involved, I think.

So...here are some pictures of our demolition process. Thanks to my dad for helping with the demo and thanks to my mom for watching Henry while I tried to make sure that John and my dad had all of the supplies that they needed while they worked.

Now if we can just get a plumber over here to inspect our pipes and install our shower faucets we will soon be in business!

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