Master Bath tile...

I think I forgot to mention that we were also having our master bath tiled. Not re-tiled, tiled for the first time. It used to be carpet. The thought of potty training a boy over carpet just kind of makes my skin crawl a bit, so we decided to bite the bullet and tile while we already had someone here working on the other bathroom.

Our master bathroom is handicap accessible, so the shower is a walk in shower with no door or curtain. It's actually a pretty great shower, but an open shower with a carpeted floor is just a bad idea. Turns out that once our carpet was ripped out there was the beginnings of some serious water damage due to the shower overspray. Baseboards had the beginnings of water rot and the carpet tacking strip next to the shower was completely rotten. Soooo glad we put the tile in when we did. Crisis averted :)

Here's an in progress picture...

The bathroom is done now, but I'll have to upload after pictures later. It's nice to have 2 functioning bathrooms again.

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