On Henry...

(Henry eating his Valentine's cupcake from Grandma Sharon)

A few updates that couldn't wait for my next monthly update post on Henry:
  • I have caught small glimpses of Henry's first dabbles in imaginative play, which I've kind of been waiting for because I really think this is such a sweet stage. Yesterday Henry took his smoothie cup and put it up to his sock monkey's mouth to give him a drink. Last week, while playing at Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon's, Henry put his toy horse's mouth up to his cup of goldfish crackers and fed them. Simply precious.
  • We always pray with Henry before he goes to bed. Lately, Henry likes to participate in these prayers by making a corresponding sound for each item prayed for. Grandpa Bob, Grandma Sharon, Grandpa Royce, Grandma Gail, & Grandma Net all get a "moo" because he associates each of them with cows. Grandpa Art & Grandma Donna get a "juice". He says "G.G." for G.G. Sue. For Aunt Denise & Uncle Andrew he says "woof". And for Aunt Jill, Uncle Jay, Aunt Kelly, & Uncle Ben, he nods his head and says "dah" (not sure what that means). It's pretty funny really.
  • Henry has entered the fit throwing stage. He throws a fit when we leave, he throws a fit when someone else leaves, he throws a fit when we don't give him a snack, he throws a fit when we give him the wrong snack...The list goes on and on. We are getting quite skilled at ignoring his outbursts.
So that's it...just a few things I want to remember about Henry.

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