Our house is a mess...

If you ask Henry to say the word "mess" he responds by saying, "Meh" in a very disgusted tone. I'm afraid he may have already picked up on my aversion to lingering messes. This bathroom remodel has turned the front portion of our house into a huge mess! There is random bathroom stuff everywhere. I can't wait to get things cleaned up.

Our front room...here we are storing, among other things, a new toilet, vanity light, beadboard, faucets, molding, and displaced cupboards.

My former sewing room and Henry's future big boy room...here is where all of my sewing stuff is currently dumped, waiting for it's new home in the ikea cupboards that have arrived but are yet to be assembled and installed. We are also storing said ikea cabinets, wall tile, floor tile, and everything we removed from the bathroom before the remodel began. As things are installed the room will clear out, thankfully.

In other news, the bathroom walls have been repaired and tiling should begin tomorrow. Thank goodness :)


Suzanne said...

I feel for you and your meh. Been there and done that and I agree it's trying, but totally worth it in the end. Hang in there. It's only temporary.

Cathy said...

oh, I can relate all too well!! Hang in there! WE girls like to have our homes clean and orgnized! But boy the bathroom will look great :)