22 months...

22-month highlights:
  • We've begun potty training. Henry is very interested in all things toilet related and has no problem going to the bathroom on the toilet, so I figured I'd give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, oh well.
  • Henry naps on my bed now, no more walks in the stroller to fall asleep! Yeah! I give him juice, then we read a few books on my bed, then I lay with him until he falls asleep. This is actually working out quite well since I'm usually in need of a rest too. Not sure what will happen when the baby comes, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Night time sleeping is, as usual, continually puzzling & usually frustrating. After a string of horrible nights, Henry has been sleeping through the night for the past week or so (yeah!) Despite the progress on sleeping through the night, all of a sudden he is having difficulty falling asleep in the crib by himself. Lots of tears on his part & frustration on ours. Hopefully we'll get this all figured out, but I'm not going to hold my breath. If there's anything predictable about Henry's sleeping habits it's how unpredictable they can be.
  • Henry has become very interested in vehicles lately. He loves tractors, construction vehicles, fire trucks, etc. He has recently become interested in moving his matchbox cars into his room to plan with them on his ikea playmat.
  • Henry continues to love animals and refers to them all by the sound they make, not their name.
  • Henry loves his scooter! He likes to ride to see his cousins Charlotte, Laurel, & Elinor, as well as to the high school.
  • Showers are pretty much Henry's favorite thing right now. This is convenient since he keeps pooping in the tub...
  • Henry likes to wear any article of clothing with balls on it or anything that resembles daddy's attire.
  • Many trains pass through our town every day, which, of course, delights Henry to no end. when he hears a train he always says, "G.G., Drew, & Olive" because these are the people he knows who ride the train. (Although Aunt Denise & Uncle Andrew's dog, Olive, has never ridden the train...)
  • Henry has a hard time sharing his toys at home. He is able to play well with others in neutral territory, but here at home...bad news. He throws full blown tantrums when other kids are over and play with his toys. It doesn't matter what toy it is, if they have it, he wants it.
  • Henry likes to eat: applesauce, raisins, crackers, meat, smoothies, juice, peanut butter, dessert, fruit, pizza, & thick soups & stews.
  • Henry distinguishes everything in our house as either "mama's" or "dada's". For example, he points to the broom and says "mama", he points to the eggs and says "dada" (John makes eggs every morning). Anything with a ball on it belongs to "dada" and anything related to cooking, cleaning, & sewing is attributed to "mama".
  • Henry is delightful, but he can throw a mean tantrum when things don't go his way. Thankfully he usually breaks down at home, rather than in public.
  • I can't believe Henry is almost 2! How did that happen?


Kathleen said...

he's adorable katie!

Cathy said...

Katie, you guys sound like your'e doing such a great job parenting. I can't believe Henry is almost 2...WOW. He's such an adorable little guy. I can't wait to see your second one!! Wish we lived closer...!