23 months...

23-month highlights:
  • Henry is becoming much more conversational lately. He still doesn't use too many words at this point, but he understands everything we say.
  • Henry has added the words "no" and "bob" (for Grandpa Bob) to his vocabulary. He is also making attempts at saying the words "hay" (ha) and "apple" (ap) He likes to watch Baby Einstein Farm videos, so he hears these words there.
  • Henry is beginning to tease. I will say something like "Give mama a kiss" and he will look at me and say "no" and then laugh. He thinks he's hilarious.
  • The other day my leg was hurting, so I told Henry that I couldn't pick him up. He immediately walked over to my leg and gave it a big kiss.
  • Tractors, construction vehicles, buses, cows, and horses are still favorites of Henry's. He is very lucky that both of his grandpas are farmers and can provide him with an endless supply of tractor visits, rides, and free John Deere calendars/magazines.
  • Large white vans are also a hit with Henry because he sees John driving his tennis boys to matches in them.
  • Now that basketball season is over and it is staying lighter longer, John will often take Henry for scooter rides around the neighborhood after tennis practice. Henry loves this!
  • Henry's sleep has been rather consistent lately. Sleeping through the night for the most part and napping on my bed for a consistent 2 hours or so everyday. He rarely sleeps well on vacation, though.
  • Henry loves strawberries...and dessert :) Lately he's been eating cooked carrots too, which is great. He also still likes to eat yogurt, granola, applesauce, raisins, and meat.
  • Henry likes to wear anything that John wears. He loves to wear blue and gold and is particularly fond of khaki pants. He also likes to wear shirts with numbers on them and always points to the number and says, "Dada, baba" because the boys on John's team all wear uniforms with numbers on them.
  • Henry likes to say "uh oh" when he discovers that something is out of place. For example, if we are cleaning up and he notices that my shoes are out, he will pick them up and say "uh oh" and then run them to their home. He likes his toys to be in their designated buckets and is fairly particular about his things.
  • Henry picks up on things quickly. We usually only have to tell him something once, and he understands and responds (when he wants to, of course).
  • Playing outside with daddy is one of his favorite things.
  • Henry loves to rub my belly and give kisses to the baby. We talk about the baby often and hopefully he's making some sense of it all. We'll see in June.
  • Henry's a delight (especially when he's well fed and well rested :)

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JHRME said...

Those are great "little boy" pictures! I think it's great that he likes to be so organized! I wonder if I can arrange for my someday children to be like that.